1. How to Configure Magento Shopping Cart?

    Magento shopping cart is an intermediary step your customer takes before moving to checkout. Correspondingly, it is often a step when customers exit a website, leaving you wondering why.

    To avoid cart abandonment in Magento and boost customer shopping experience you have to take a closer look at the shopping cart options.

    So, we'll cover how to configure the cart redirect link, mini cart, cart thumbnails, and more so you can improve it for your customers.

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  2. Don't Miss the Best Magento 2 Product Feed Extensions

    Don't Miss the Best Magento 2 Product Feed Extensions

    Once you shift to eCommerce, you discover that building an online presence is quite challenging. Magento provides you with great functionality to sell and be discovered online.

    However, to make the most of it you have to explore different shopping channels. Luckily, there are plenty to opt for. Comparison lists, product directories, and world-famous marketplaces help you expose your products to a wider audience and drive sales. 

    How do you get all of your products there?

    Obviously, not by uploading each and every single one of them separately. It will take you thousands of hours to do manually. Instead, you can use the Magento 2 product feeds and reduce this process to minutes. 

    As you might have already guessed, in this article we've gathered the best Magento 2 Product Feed extensions you can skim through to choose the best one for your store needs.

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  3. Enable Magento 2 Google reCAPTCHA to Boost Security

    Successful business is not only a business people buy from, it is a business people rely on and trust in. One of the factors that can undermine that trust is security. Thus, any measures taken to improve Magento security won't be redundant.

    Magento 2 CAPTCHA is a great built-in feature you can use to create a safe environment for your customers and admin users.

    However, is it enough?

    Same as you come up with new ways to protect your store, sophisticated attackers never stop discovering your weak spots. That's why you just have to consider going the extra mile with Magento 2 Google reCAPTCHA and we're going to help you implement it.

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  4. How to Configure Magento 2 CAPTCHA on Your Store?

    Plenty of businesses shift to eCommerce, regardless of the dangers that await them since there is a growing need to move online. And it is not the poor traffic or small conversion rates we're talking about. 

    One of the most threatening disadvantages is the robot and brute forces attack your website undergoes regularly. Still, if you choose Magento to run a business on you can breathe a sigh of relief and rely on Magento 2 security measures.

    Today we'll talk about the standard Magento CAPTCHA and how you can configure it for both admin users and storefront customers to prevent spam.

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  5. Best Magento 2 Size Chart Extensions to Consider

    Best Magento 2 Size Chart Extensions to Consider

    In eCommerce, you can't guide your customers through the rows of shelves to assist with making a purchase. That's why you have to provide the best real-like experience, so they can make that decision on their own.

    There are multiple tools used in different kinds of stores to make shopping a breeze. However, when it comes to apparel, jewelry, eyewear, home, and any other goods where size is relevant, size charts really come in handy.

    They help to increase sales and reduce the refund rates because your customers know the measurements of the products before the purchase. Magento size charts help you exceed your customers' expectations so that you're both satisfied with the outcome.

    In this article, we've gathered the best Magento 2 Size Chart extensions for you to consider. While they serve the same function, they all provide some distinctive features that benefit you.

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  6. Configure Magento 2 Full Page Cache: Beginners' Guide

    Website speed is a crucial factor for ranking high in SERP, getting new customers, and improving conversion rates in general. It is also extremely relevant to the overall experience of your customers.

    While website speed influences a lot of things, multiple factors slow it down which requires your attention constantly.

    The one we want to cover today is Magento 2 full page cache that is provided by default.

    In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about Magento 2 full page cache and how it works. It will enable you to improve Magento website performance with the free caching solution Magento goes with.

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  7. How to Configure Magento 2 Admin Security?

    Security is one of the most important things on your website you have to focus your attention on. Even if you have an extensive customer databases and great conversion rates, one security breach is enough to ruin all of that. 

    Though the platform has a comprehensive approach to security matters, you have to cover all of the smallest details to improve Magento security. You can never overdo it.

     In this article, we want to talk about Magento 2 admin security and how you can configure it to avoid brute force attacks and other malicious actions.

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  8. Best Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer Extensions

    Best Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer Extensions

    Website speed is something one can not optimize once, and benefit from ever after. You continuously have to optimize the loading speed, especially when working with Magento 2 and eCommerce in general. 

    That is why you have to pay attention to multiple things in your store, cache in particular. Magento full-page cache is one of the reasons why your website loads faster. Your customers' experience depends on it. 

    However, unfortunately, your store data always gets cleared for numerous reasons. And that's when you need a tool to automate the cache warming, so your customers and Google always get relevant content faster. 

    You're going to find multiple Full Page Cache Warmer Extensions for Magento 2 on the web. Unfortunately, only a few provide really useful features.  So, in this article, we provide an overview of the best Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer extensions you can choose for your store.

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  9. How to Set Up Special Price in Magento 2?

    Setting up special price in Magento 2 is one of many ways to provide discounts and boost conversion rates in your store. Since sales always drive customers' attention and make them come back regularly, you need to know how to leverage them to your benefit.

    So, in this guide, you'll learn more about special prices in Magento 2 and how to configure them for one and multiple products.

    A special price is usually set up when a product is put on sale and displayed instead of the regular price with the usual price notation. However, except for the product page, it is also displayed in a catalog.

    Magento 2 Special Price

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  10. Best Ways to Change Magento 2 Admin URL

    Website security is one of the most important things that should take priority when you're managing a Magento 2 store. Customers provide vulnerable data while placing orders and trust you to keep it safe.

    All of that data is stored in the Magento admin panel that most often undergoes brute force attacks. Regarding this Magento recommends you change Magento 2 admin URL to a more complex one to improve admin panel security.

    However, it is not as easy as it seems are requires you to be cautious about it. So, in this guide, we'll walk you through the 3 most common ways to change Magento admin URL and precautions you have to take to avoid further issues.

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  11. Best Magento 2 SMTP Extensions You Must Check

    Best Magento 2 SMTP Extensions You Must Check

    Email is one of the oldest and most effective ways to streamline store-customer communication. In particular, transactional emails such as account registration, reset password, order confirmation are essential to every Magento 2 store.

    By default, transactional emails are sent using server mail configurations. However, unfortunately, they often do not work, or merchants want to use third-party SMTP services that ensure precise email deliverability.

    Magento 2 SMTP Extension bridges the gap between untrustworthy default server mail configurations and successful email delivery in case your server doesn't provide SMTP configuration by default.

    There are multiple modules to choose from. However, in this article, you'll learn about the best Magento 2 SMTP extensions to consider for your store.

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  12. Magefan News and Updates - December 2021

    Hello there, Magento fans!

    Today we have prepared the last but not the least News and Updates digest of the year from Magefan.

    So, catch the last Magefan news and updates!

    With the constant cycle of updates and new releases of our extensions, it should be understood that not every version of Magento 2 platform can remain supported forever. We would like to notify all our customers that Magento v2.2 will no longer be supported starting from January 1, 2022.

    This means that no updates, no fixes, no new versions will be available for Magento 2.2 version. If you still use this version we strongly recommend you to update it to the latest version (2.4.3v) to be able to enjoy smooth and uninterrupted work of all Magefan extensions for Magento 2.

    And now let's move on to the module updates.

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  13. How to Enable Coupon Code Links in Magento?

    How to Enable Coupon Code Links in Magento?

    Coupon Code Links in Magento boost your sale campaigns and allow you to improve customer shopping experience in your store. They help to apply coupon codes automatically and avoid redundant steps in customer's journey.

    To enable them on your store you need to install Magento 2 Coupon Code Link extension first.

    Once the extension is installed, all you need to do is configure it.

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  14. How to Apply Coupon Code Automatically in Magento 2?

    How to Apply Coupon Code Automatically in Magento 2?

    Coupons play a vital role in every sale and special offer you provide on your Magento store. They not only improve customers loyalty but boost engagement and make people come for more deals. 

    Even though Magento provides you with the cart price rule or coupon functionality by default, you shouldn't stop looking for more effective ways to apply coupons.

    Usually, when you display discount codes in CMS blocks or add them to banners, customers have to manually type or copy and paste coupon codes into the corresponding field. 

    Wouldn't it be better to apply coupon codes automatically?

    It will reduce the steps required to apply the coupon and increase the chances of people actually applying it.

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  15. Set Up Buy X Get Y Free in Magento 2

    Sales season is a great time for you to win customers with the best deals. However, you have to remember that your store is not the only one with something to offer.

    That is why you should explore the most effective ways to attract customers. One of them is Magento 2 Buy X Get Y Free sales rule which we're going to cover today.

    So, the Buy X Get Y Free is a cart price rule that allows customers to get Y quantity of a product for free if they purchase X quantity of the same product.

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  16. How to Enable AMP for Blog in Magento 2?

    How to Enable AMP for Blog in Magento 2?

    Blog AMP helps you to make your blog super fast on mobile, so your customers can enjoy it on any device.

    Our Magento 2 Blog extension is compatible with Magento AMP by Plumrocket. So, to make AMP work for our blog, you just have to install the free Magento 2 AMP Integration Extension and enable AMP for blog in the Plumrocket extension configurations.

    However, starting from Plumrocket AMP v3.0.0 you need Magento 2 AMP Blog Extension.

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  17. Magento 2 Create Invoice Programmatically

    Invoice is an element of the Magento order processing that is as important as the order itself. An invoice is a document that signifies the "agreement" between a store and a person and contains all of the order details. 

    Usually, order invoices in Magento 2 are created automatically, once the payment was authorized or captured by the store. However, there are cases when you need to create an invoice programmatically in Magento 2.

    This is just the case. We will show you how to do this is in just 1 step:

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  18. Process Orders in Magento 2 Faster With This Guide

    Placing orders online significantly differs from the experience customers get when shopping offline. There are a lot of risks included and steps eCommerce customers are afraid to take.

    So, to process orders in Magento 2 means to make sure customers receive the best shopping experience while you cover the seamless order processing. 

    In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about order processing in Magento 2. And there is plenty to learn, Magento is a complex platform after all. 

    We'll walk you through all of the steps from how to receive an order, create invoices and shipments to how to cover refunds, change order statuses and delete orders.

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  19. How to install Elasticsearch 7 on Ubuntu 20.04?

    To set up Elasticsearch 7 on Ubuntu 20.04 please run these simple commands one-by-one in the command-line interface:

    sudo apt -y install gnupg
    wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -

    sudo apt -y install apt-transport-https
    echo "deb stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/elastic-7.x.list
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt -y install elasticsearch-oss

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  20. Magento SEO: Best Practices for Better Results

    Magento SEO: Best Practices for Better Results

    The Magento market is booming with thousands of stores trying to win customers with the best design, content, and products. However, only those that serve customer search query intent perfectly win the top positions in SERP. The reason for this is Magento 2 SEO.

    Not only is it because the Magento platform has a lot of built-in SEO features, but because top-ranking Magento stores know how to apply them with the best Magento SEO practices.

    If you’re new to SEO or trying to give your website an SEO boost, we’ll walk you through the best Magento SEO features and tips to help you rank better and achieve better results.

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