Magento 2 Admin View Extension

Magento 2 Admin View is the extension for Magento 2 that allows you to change the logos of your store admin panel, set the colors schema of the main menu, grids, and even buttons. And all this with no code editing. This Magento 2 module allows you to customize the admin panel as per your brand and continue looking professional not only outside, but on the inside.

There is no limitation to what your admin should look like. Make it outstanding and brandable with the Admin View module!

Compatibility:Magento 2.2.0 - 2.4.3 (CE, EE, ECE, B2B)
Version: 2.1.0
Quick Overview Video

Have been dreaming of an outstanding and unique admin panel? Then, call the Magento 2 Admin View module your dream come true. It allows you to customize the color schema, set your store logo, and remove footer information to create a one-of-a-kind admin panel.

Watch this short video to learn how to create a brandable admin panel.
What benefits do you get?
  • Team brand awareness improvement with the professional Main and Menu Logos.
  • One-of-a-kind Magento admin due to variety of colors for Menu, Grids and Buttons.
  • Extended control over admin design for better-looking and unique Magento 2 admin.
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I would like to express my gratitude to Magefan! These guys are true professionals and they are 100% result oriented. Very helpfull and quick replies. Will definitly start looking for other extensions at Magefan first before I use the Magento marketplace :)

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Flexible Admin Colors Schema Configuration

The standard admin panel is the same for every store managed on Magento 2. Your Magento 2 store admin panel will be unique with the Admin View extension. It provides the most flexible menu, buttons, and grids color configuration. You can select from the colors provided or customize the palette yourself, setting any colors you want.

Magento 2 Admin Color Schema Configuration
Magento 2 Admin Login Logo

Main Logo and Menu Logo Setting

We think your brand look should be as outstanding on the “inside” as it is on the outside. That’s why we’ve created the Magento 2 Admin View extension that allows you to customize your store admin panel view. Setting the main logo everyone sees while logging in and the menu logo will improve your brand awareness among members of your team. It will also make your admin look more personalized and special.

Customizable Magento 2 Admin Footer

Magento admin is standardized for every user to have a certain set of features in the menu and certain information in the footer. For those who don’t find it interesting or just don’t need this information, there is an option to manage the display of Magento Copyright, Version, and Legal Info. You can easily disable or enable this information display while designing your admin panel.

Magento 2 Admin Panel Footer Customization
Optimize Magento 2 Admin Panel Menu

Optimize Magento 2 Admin Panel Menu

Managing Magento 2 extensions could be challenging, especially if you have multiple modules from different vendors. They are all scattered around in the Configuration, which makes it harder to find and organize them. Magento 2 Admin View Extension allows you to optimize your extensions management in the admin panel. Just enable a corresponding option and get all of the extensions and vendors gathered in one menu tab. Yes, it is THAT easy.

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You can set your brand logo as the Main Logo and Magento 2 Admin Menu Logo directly from the admin. You can also set your admin panel color schema to correspond to your brand.

However, can your Magento 2 admin panel be more brandable? Have any ideas in mind?

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Magento 2 Admin View Extension
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Can I install your Magento 2 Admin View module via the composer?

- Yes, you can. All our modules can be installed via the composer. Once you purchase the extension, you receive keys to the private Magefan composer repository and find the composer installation commands available in the "My Downloads" section.